Were in the final week of a ‘FREE for 30 days’ promo.  You can download a copy of my novel ‘Schonling’ from Smashwords.

 smashwords book cover_final

Book blurb

“Two hearts collide on a London Tube train. Squashed intimately together in the crush of London rush hour, Artist Emily Raven had no choice in getting up close and personal with beautiful, androgynous German model Pieter Bayer. The intimate meeting forces two troubled souls to reconsider their lives, open their hearts and discover if there’s more to life than Art and the Fashion runway. “
“After one betrayal too many, Bisexual male model Pieter Bayer has given up on love. 28 year old Pieter has a career spanning twelve years in the Fashion Industry and has entered the 50 top male models list. He believes his life as an international Runway model is far too complicated to fit in a relationship anyway. This is until he meets British Painter Emily Raven. Their meeting on a crowded London Tube train causes a seismic shift in Pieter’s heart.”

“Giving up sex was best thing that could have happened for British Painter Emily Raven’s career. In the six years Emily had been celibate, she used longing and loneliness to fuel her Art. Emily‘s work has become so successful that she secured solo exhibitions in London, New York and Berlin. Emily had been content with a solo life, until she met androgynous male model Pieter Bayer on a rush hour Tube train. With a glance and an impish smile, six years of solitude melted away. Emily was undone.”

Set between Berlin, London and New York, this beautifully life affirming romantic story tells of how two troubled souls learn to trust again and in trusting each other, rediscover themselves.

Please note: There are sexually explicit scenes in this book and strong language through out. Reader discretion is advised.

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