‘New York’s In Love’ Prequel M/M Novella. An introduction to the MC’s Pieter and Simeon.

**This FREE READ will be released on 20th November 2015**

“New York’s In Love” began as a flashback chapter in ’Sweet Thing’, the sequel to my first novel ‘Schonling’. However, the story was such fun and it became far bigger than I expected. I cut it and decided to work on it as a separate M/M novella.
This story is a series of  funny, filthy, bittersweet events–insights into the relationship between Pieter and Simeon. The events in this story happen six months before the occurrences in my first book ‘Schonling’.


“Male model and Bowie obsessive Simeon Duchamp coverts many addictions.
His main drugs of choice are booze, pills and sex. However, Sim’s most torturous addiction is for his best friend, fellow Model Pieter Bayer. Longing is an ever present ache in Sim’s gut. And now that Pieter is in New York City for a month of modelling assignments, Simeon decides to tag along. Sim hopes that a month living with Pieter will be enough time for him to find the courage to tell him how he truly feels.  If Simeon tells Pieter, he risks losing their friendship. But if he doesn’t, he may lose his mind.”


nO1 P (2)
PIETER  is a twenty-seven year old German male model. He is bi-sexual, but in this story he is in the midst of an ’intimacy break’. He has no time for a relationship, and after a series of betrayals, no desire to open his heart to anyone. Pieter is six-foot-one.  His ‘look‘ is mercurial and androgynous. He has high cheekbones, deep set large blue-grey eyes, and blond hair to his shoulders. His body is boyish and slender, his limbs long and willowy.
Pieter has been in fashion since being discovered on a Berlin street at sixteen. Twelve years later, he is one of the highest grossing international models working runway for high-end brands and editorial. Pieter is easy going, playful and open minded. He is constantly in awe of all of the creativity he sees behind the scenes in the fashion industry. He is obsessed with music, art, and books. He lives in Berlin, but travels constantly for work. Simeon is his best friend and they have known each other for nearly two years.



SIMEON  is a twenty-three year old French male model and is 110% gay.
Sim’s two year modelling career is in its infancy. He wants to experience everything life can offer, so models for the lifestyle, rather than the money. Sim’s father is an ex-ambassador for France, and has a huge property portfolio, so gives his only son a healthy allowance.
Sim is six-foot tall, with long raven black hair and chocolate brown eyes. His face is Gothic pale, pretty, with an angular jaw, high cheekbones, and plump feminine lips. Anyone who saw him would think he was moody, but as soon as Simeon speaks they find he is flamboyant, French and has a ‘sunshine and buttercups’, soft lilting timbre to his voice. He is generally sweet natured, but has a fierce temper when roused. Simeon lives for creativity, beauty, and pleasure in its many forms, and he has a long term obsession with David Bowie. Simeon’s drugs of choice are pills, booze, cock, and ass. He never has any problems getting a hit. But now, Simeon craves something different, something dangerous, something that, if he can’t get, will drive him insane.

The funny, filthy, bittersweet events in this story happen six months before the events in the book ‘Schonling’ (Pretty Boy 1)  released in March 2015
Simeon’s story continues in the sequel ‘Sweet Thing'(Pretty Boy 2) to be released in February 2016



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