Audio book review ‘Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary’ By Jordan Castillo Price. Narrated By Gomez Pugh


Score: Five blood soaked stars.

Just when i thought i was well and truly done with vamps…I find a have an audible credit burning a hole in my account.

I am notoriously very choosy when it comes to audio books. They have to be a minimum of 5 hours long, to get my money’s worth, and the narrator has to be male, (if i wanted a female narrator i would just read aloud to myself!) Also, the narrator mustn’t just read, but perform the story, with lots of voices and dramatic pauses.

A friend recommended ‘Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary” By Jordan Castillo Price. I  have read several books by Jordan, and so at 7 and a half hours long, with a male narrator Gomez Pugh, i decided to spend my audible credit.

My what a good investment that turned out to be. ‘Channeling Morpheus’ began as a set of novellas, and were grouped for the audio version. I adored this audio book. I adored the narration and like all good series’s, it left me wanting like a vampire needing a fix of the red stuff.

One of the things that has always tickled my fancy about Vampire romances is the connections between blood, sex and sensuality, and in this story i was not left wanting. There is a lot of well written, smoking hot M/M sex, but there is also a solid plot running through it too, which tied the two main characters Michael,-pretty, doe eyed, goth boy, vamp hunter, and Wild Bill, the smoky voiced, chain smoking, sex on a stick Vampire love interest, into one hell of a soulful bind.

I won’t give any plot spoilers in this review, but I liked the little twists on what Michael had learned of vampires via Hollywood, and what the vamp ‘reality’ was. And i liked the layers of Bill’s ‘onion’ like personality peeling back, as he realized Michael was someone he could trust, love even.

I am now stuck with a dilemma. Gomez Pugh’s narration was SO GOOD. Do i buy the next set of novella’s, grouped as ‘ A bitter taste of sweet oblivion’ as e books and read now? Or do i wait patiently and hope that an audio book of it, with Gomez Pugh reading, will be out soon?

It can’t come soon enough!


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