‘A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion’ Box set by Jordan Castillo Price


5 Stars

Wild Bill and Michael need a full length novel.  There, I said it!

I am not a fan of the format of novelette, or serials. I just don’t buy them, full stop. Therefore, I am eternally grateful that I discovered ‘Channeling Morpheus’ through its wonderfully narrated audio book version. Without that audio book, tragically, I would have never met Wild Bill and Mikey, and that would have been a crying shame. These guys now have me entangled in their warm, sticky fingers. (Just don’t ask what is making them sticky!)

The second half of the ‘Channeling Morpheus’ series, has gratefully, been packaged as a box set ”A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion”.  The story picks up where we left off, continuing the incredibly hot, erotically charged, soulful relationship between a vampire named Wild Bill, and his ‘heart of hearts’, a young, gothy, vampire hunter, Michael.

Bill and Michael are entwined deeply in each other, living a transient, seemingly aimless life. However, after their last run in with a coven, they are living on the down-low, and covertly, Michael is on a mission to seek out vamps and their lovers, to teach them the methods of safe vamp sex, to prevent blood ‘donors’ being infected like he was.

Their seemingly happy transient life, traveling around in their van, and ‘vamping’ people to give them free stuff, like hotel room’s, food, blood, comes with heaps of baggage, and the acquaintance of other vampires, who can just smell how finger-lickin’ good Michael is, unnerves to them both, so, naturally tensions rise.

While Michael is slowly but surely losing threads of humanity to the mutated vamp bacteria, through loving Michael, Bill has regained some of his own. Wild Bill wants no other lover but Michael, and this unflinching love anchors them both. Back and forth, this tenuous balance is what makes their relationship so heart-wrenchingly good.

These stories are dark, gritty and deeply erotic, but not in a cheesy way. Jordan Castillo Price has such a gift for words.  The acerbic wit, and dirty talk that Bill  loves, is so well written, and comes out at the best of times, and the worst of times. Wild Bill and Michael are hot together, and in their love making, they balance each others lightness and darkness, therefore, the reader cannot help but be pulled along on the dirty grind.


My only bugbear about these stories was that, for me, anyway, none of the vignettes reached a completely satisfying resolution. (Apart from the fact that Wild Bill and Michael live to fight (and fuck) another day) The ‘bad vamps’ they meet are due some serious whoop-ass, with help from a hickory stake. I want this to happen!

Call me demanding, but I want more!

There was no sense of completion and story ‘end’, and many, many threads were left blowing in the breeze. I read the two short stories that come after the end of the book, ‘Jackpot’ and ‘Canine’, and again, I was left wanting. That in itself is a damn good sign for an author. Jordan has heaps of scope left with these characters, and they appear to have  A LOT more to give.

So i recommend the whole series, these books are wonderful.

And I’ll say it again.

These guys need a full length novel.


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